Interview of Mr. Newton Louis St Juste with the Associated Press reporter David Martin on the latest statements of the US President

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In an interview with Associated Press Television on Friday, January 12, 2018 in New York, lawyer Newton Louis St Juste reacted to the statements of US President Donald Trump touring the world and presenting Haiti and other African countries as shithole countries.

According to Mr. St Just, the most important is not what Trump says or thinks of Haiti, but what the Haitian leaders want to do with the country. Haitians have come here in search of a better life that they can’t find in Haiti. Haitian leaders must work to build a thriving country, a new environment to foster the blooming of Haitians at home and avoid such insults. The American President has his country and we have ours. He says he wants to make his country great again. We Haitians, we were proud. We must work in order to make Haiti proud today.
On the question of TPS the lawyer believes that from what he sees and understands Trump’s administration will not go back. It is up to the Haitian authorities to begin addressing this problem now by devising the prospects for a solution. The lawyer, however, lamented the attitude of Prime Minister Jacques Guy Lafontant before the National Assembly on Monday, January 8, 2017, which presented the handling of the TPS file by the US authorities as a success for his government.

Asked about the responsibility of the United States in the current misery of Haiti because of its interference the lawyer said that all foreign embassies in Haiti are there to defend the interests of their countries not those of Haiti. The lawyer recognizes that the United States has always imposed their will in Haiti for some time but it is the Haitian leaders who must be blamed for having often chosen to neglect national interests for the benefit of foreign interests. We cannot leave our development to the discretion of foreigners.

Finally, to the question is Trump is not a racist because all targeted countries are African countries, the lawyer admitted that these insults were directed against blacks but acknowledged that Trump defends his Country, albeit in a weird way. Haitian leaders must defend Haiti by starting to create a new environment for all Haitians.

New York, January 12, 2017

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